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Author, organizer and coordinator of the number of social-pedagogical initiatives in youth environment: youth music club «Fanton», summer children health center «Arman», oblast tournament «Starteenager», social-pedagogical model of the Center of youth initiatives, etc.

Now he is a professor of Eurasian Humanitarian Institute. He teaches sociology, social psychology, management psychology, social pedagogy. He has been a winner of the republican competition «The best university teacher of the year of 2007»,the author of more than 100 scientific publications on the problems of psychology and pedagogies of relations in the society, youth socialization.

He actively participates in research work: expert of Youth policy department, Ministry of education and science of RK, Director of the Center of youth researches, research manager of the program on social-psychological service development and adolescent deviation prevention, etc. He is an actual member of the International Academy of Social Work, International Academy of Psychological Science, European association of children and youth entertainment (Prague, Czech), Russian sociologists society, All-Russian continuing seminar «Self-organization of stable consistencies in nature and society» RAS (Tomsk, Russia) and some other foreign organizations.

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