Dear all!

Welcome to the personal site of professor A.N. Teslenko!

Starting to develop this site, web-designer asked to tell what objects I had. Firstly, I develop it for Russian-speaking users, not indifferent to the problems of youth socialization, education and science as a whole. Secondly, for my old and new friends, for them to remember me from time to time and to be informed about my successes and failures. Thirdly, for myself! Coming closer to the next age crisis I want to be sure that I did something in this life … and I want people surrounding me to see it as well. …otherwise what do we live for?!

What can you find at this site. Firstly, I will present my new books and articles to potential readers. Secondly, from time to time I will share the information about new ideas and publications in the field of youth culture, youth policy, education, first of all based on my practical activity.

Modern knowledge about youth and society, their interrelation and interaction is on the stage of accumulation. And the sooner the society passes this stage of knowledge accumulation, the deeper and clearer it will have an idea about its near-term and future perspectives. The main mega-objective of this site is to contribute to this cognitive process.

In principle, this site is as for the professionals – pedagogues, psychologists, sociologists, social workers and others, as for the young generation – schoolchildren, students, graduate students. But the materials of the site can be useful for self-education as well.

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