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An article is devoted to the analysis of youth subculture. It investigates the causal factors of young people’s involvement in the informal associations, as well as nature of subculture indentifies. Empirical base of this article consist of sociological studies in the flame of national report “Youth of Kazakhstan-2014” carried out in 2014 by the Center of Youth Researches. In this survey participa...

Social status of science and education in Kazakhstani Universities

Social status of science and education in Kazakhstani Universities

Editorial Office L’Association 1901 SEPIKE, US Edition. 2014. S. 34-41

This article focuses on the social status of science and education and factors of its formation under the Higher School of Kazakhstan. Social status of a young scientists by objective (income, education level) and the objectively-subjective (prestige of the profession , individually-personal facilities, skill level) factors. In modern times the most important determinants, which have an effect on the social status of a young scientists, are objective factors – socio-economic conditions , the state institutions of education and science , state policy in the field of science and innovation processes. The author pay readers attention on current issues of the young scientists : low income , low prestige of the profession , poor resource base for their social and professional development, etc., which leads to high degree of mismatch (noncoincidence) of the various elements of the status, especially the level of education and income. In the final part reflects the summary conclusions and suggestions for maintaining the viability of young scientists and their professional development

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