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An article is devoted to the analysis of youth subculture. It investigates the causal factors of young people’s involvement in the informal associations, as well as nature of subculture indentifies. Empirical base of this article consist of sociological studies in the flame of national report “Youth of Kazakhstan-2014” carried out in 2014 by the Center of Youth Researches. In this survey participa...

Young Kazakh People: about present and future.

Young Kazakh People: about present and future.

Analysis of region discussions with adolescents and youth performed in 11 oblasts of the Republic of Kazakhstan –Аstana: UNICEF, National Center for Healthy Life-Style Development 2009

Currently, social attitude to the young people, status and role of youth within society becomes measure of social development level and state capacity to the forward upgrading. Youth is a sort of social accumulator of those changes that always gradually (day by day, year by year) and, therefore, inconspicuously for general view occur in deeps of social life, escaping attention of the most people. Its subculture trends, critical views and attitude to the present real life, new ideas are the energy that is especially important during radical reforming.

In public opinion, adolescents and youth are usually associated with socially demographic group that has its own specific problems which cannot be solved without the state support. Meanwhile, young people themselves are aiming to be party of social life, participate in decision of urgent social issues, deciding in the process their own specific problems of developing and growing up. Adult community rare conducts equal dialogue with young citizens of the country undertaking the whole responsibility.

That is way United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MES of the RK) and National Center for Healthy Life-Style Development (NCHLSD) decided to establish Forum for Adolescents and Youth.

The main objective of the Forum is to make equal and positive dialogue in discussing issues that concern them and finding the ways for their viable solution together with the Government. Its general task is to promote the participation of adolescents and youth in discussing the issues that directly touch them, encourage constructive energy of young people to contribute to the development of the country and civil society.

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