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An article is devoted to the analysis of youth subculture. It investigates the causal factors of young people’s involvement in the informal associations, as well as nature of subculture indentifies. Empirical base of this article consist of sociological studies in the flame of national report “Youth of Kazakhstan-2014” carried out in 2014 by the Center of Youth Researches. In this survey participa...

Youth Age and Modern Conception of Socialization

Youth Age and Modern Conception of Socialization

The quality of social existance in a glоbalizing world, Congress of International Sociological Association. Ed. V.Mansurov. -Moscow-Durban: Russian Society of Sociologists, 2006 pp. 292-308.

The problem of the attitude between breeds is old as the world. The most outstanding quotes of mankind on all its civilization of a path tried to authorize problems arising in the attitudes between old and young, namely problem of shift of breeds. Old generation always was rather zealously referred to its succeeding generation. The dialectics of a nature and man, as its integral parts. Not solve this problem, the mankind, nevertheless, has worked out the determined recipes of the attitudes peeling the antagonistic reasons. Having realized the fact of development of the universal decision of a problem of the attitudes of generation fruitless, the human society has paid the attention to functioning of the dodge of becoming of growing up generation: how the growing up generation, so not similar to the parents, continues their business, being replaced in turn by new generation? If earlier this dodge attracted in the basic philosophers, poets, writers, in past century – of scientific various branches of knowledge – of the psychologists, physiologists, sociologists, teachers, lawyers etc. Due to their efforts many aspects of functioning it perpetums mobile of a human civilization were elucidated. More often such attitudes by science were esteemed on historical turns, when to the full there are breaks human destinies, and at times – destinies of the whole generation.

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