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An article is devoted to the analysis of youth subculture. It investigates the causal factors of young people’s involvement in the informal associations, as well as nature of subculture indentifies. Empirical base of this article consist of sociological studies in the flame of national report “Youth of Kazakhstan-2014” carried out in 2014 by the Center of Youth Researches. In this survey participa...

Youth social work in Kazakhstan: Problems & perspectives

Youth social work in Kazakhstan: Problems & perspectives

// Social Work Education in Countries of the East: Issues and Challenges / Edited by Selwyn Stanley of the University of Plymouth, UK. Nova Publishers, 2010

Youth care from the perspective of both, the state and society have always sought to provide ideal conditions for the promotion of their social well being and integration. Recessionary effects during the period of social transformation have radically changed the issues and the ways of dealing with problems of the youth. Among such problems specialists single out social alienation as a considerable issue affecting the youth. Negative occurrences in the family and the process of youth marginalization have resulted in the engagement of certain youth groups into a severe struggle for survival.

Adverse societal conditions can cause the development of a self-destructive model of youth behavior leading to the increase of delinquency rates, drug abuse, etc. The necessity to solve such social problems still remains a priority not only for Kazakhstan and other post-Soviet countries, but for all countries throughout the world. Social work intervention then becomes of paramount importance in dealing with youth, and in doing so it becomes important to understand their process of socialization and unique cultural position within their unique socio-cultural context.

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